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Rupert: Campaigning against the BNP


Bio: Edit

  • Cllr. Dr. Rupert Read is Transport Spokesperson for Norwich Green Party, Press Officer for Norfolk Green Party, and national GP spokesman on Public Services.
  • He is Reader in Philosophy at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, where he specialises increasingly in political and environmental philosophy. He is also a columnist with the Eastern Daily Press, on the weekly (each Saturday) One World Column.
  • Dr Read has recently been selected to contest the Norwich North by-election following his excellent campaign in the 2009 European Elections where he came within 1% of being elected to the European Parliament.

Contacts: Edit

Books by Rupert Reed: Edit

  • Philosophy for Life
  • The New Wittgenstein
  • Applying Wittgenstein
  • The New Hume Debate
  • Film as Philosophy
  • There is No Such Thing as Social Science

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