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Green Party candidate for Reading East

Short biography

I am currently selected as the Green Party candidate for Park Ward -- Newtown and the Wokingham Road area -- in Reading and the Reading East constituency. I live and work in the area as a gardener and am active in the community.

Full biography


I was born in 1979, and live on Cumberland Road near Cemetery Junction. I have now lived in Reading for 10 years. I lead a busy life, running my own gardening business. I am active in the Newtown GLOBE (Go Local On a Better Environment) community group, I work with the community and police as vice-chair of the Newtown NAG (Neighbourhood Action Group), I am a governor at the Alfred Sutton School and I volunteer as a lollipop man at the same school.


I have stood for election in Park Ward in the local elections since 2004, increasing the number of Green votes each time. In the last locals, I finished just 20 votes away from becoming Reading's first Green councillor. I also stood in the General Election for Reading East in 2005 where we increased the vote by 50%.


I have been involved in many successful local campaigns: saving play equipment in Palmer Park, tackling speeding across Reading with the 20's Plenty campaign and getting the Council to produce a climate change strategy to name a few. At a national level I have campaigned against the war in Iraq, for the abolition of tuition fees and for government action on climate change.

I am out all year-round knocking on doors and talking to people about local issues. Through this work I am able to help people solve local problems. I have helped improve the local area by getting countless bins installed, pram crossings created and street lights fixed.

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