Brandon Kenneth Lewis born June 1971 is the Conservative Party Parliamentary Candidate for Great Yarmouth at the next General Election.

Early Life

Brandon Lewis was born in 1971 in Harold Wood, and educated at Forest School, Walthamstow. He received a degree in economics from the University of Buckingham, an LLB in Law from Buckingham, and an LLM with Merit from King's College London. He was called to the bar by the Inner Temple and is a qualified barrister and is a company director. He completed the London Marathon in 2005 and again in 2008.

Local Government Career

Brandon Lewis became a Borough Councillor in May 1998 for Hutton, Essex South on Brentwood Borough Council, and became Conservative Group leader in 2002. The Conservatives took control of Brentwood Borough Council in May 2004 following 12 years of Liberal Democrat control taking the total number of council of Conservative councillors to 21. As a result Brandon was elected Leader of the Council on 23rd June 2004.

He was re-elected to the council in the Brentwood Council 2006 local elections and continued as council leader, increasing the Conservative majority from 8 to 20 in that election, including taking the seats of the then Liberal Democrat group leader and deputy leader and the sitting mayor. He was chairman of the Essex 2005/6 Local Government Association.

On 18 March 2009, nearly five years since becoming leader of the council, Brandon announced his decision to step down from that position to ensure that he could give move time, energy and focus to Great Yarmouth. Brandon received great praise from members of opposition parties who remarked on his "outstanding" leadership and in the fact they he was the "best council leader for 30 years". He leaves with the Conservatives holding 28 out of 37 council seats.

Parliamentary Career

Brandon stood as the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Sherwood in the 2001 General Election United Kingdom general election, achieving a swing of 4.7% to the Conservatives. The re-elected Labour MP Paddy Tipping blamed the fall in his majority on 'a fall in voter turn-out'. Pickles more than recovered the ground he had lost at the previous election to Martin Bell who had challenged him as an Independent, and the Conservative share of the vote increased from 37% to 53%.

Lewis was placed on the 'A-List' of Conservative Party candidates ahead of the next general election, and has been selected as the Conservative candidate for Great Yarmouth for the General Election expected in 2009/2010. He is committed to working for the people of Great Yarmouth and since his selection has dedicated his time and passion to Great Yarmouth.

Visit Brandon's Website

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