Craig murray

Craig Murray

In six words or less Edit

Writer, Broadcaster, Scottish Dissident and Politician.

In his own words:Edit

"I'll fight ID cards, Trident, tuition fees, bank bail-outs and government intrusion." (from CraigMurrayOrg on twitter)

Basics: Edit

  • Born 1958 in West Runton
  • Clever enough to appear as contestant on University Challenge.
  • Former British Ambassador
  • Active campaigner for Human Rights
  • Married to Belly Dancer Nadira Murray
  • Craig was strangely not mentioned at all during a BBC Newsnight report on the Norwich North by-election.

Political Beliefs: Edit

As the candidate for the "Put an Honest Man into Parliament" Party standing in the Norwich North by-election I believe that:

  • Politicians should be honest.
  • The current government has been far from honest in many areas of policy
  • Rail travel in the UK is too expensive

Policies: Edit

General: Edit

  • Immediately stop accepting any intelligence from regimes known to practise torture
  • Push to prosecute any UK politicians believed to have been complicit in the use of torture.

Transport Edit

  • Better value rail travel

Meet CraigEdit

Craig will be available during his series of Public meetings:

Crooks Lies and Politicians

An Evening With Craig Murray.

Friday 3 July Norwich Puppet Theatre, Barrack St, 7.30pm.
Tuesday 7 July Norman Centre Mile Cross, 7.30pm.
Thursday 9 July, Norwich Playhouse, 7.30pm
Friday 10 July, Hellesdon High School, 7.00pm
Saturday 11 July, Taverham Village Hall, 7.30pm Tuesday 21 July, Thorpe Frog Hall, 7.30pm

Online Edit



Campaign Site:

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